My name is Paul Oliver Westmoreland and I love writing children’s novels.

Right now I’m 36, live in North London with my wife and baby girl, and work for a digital advertising agency on Oxford Street – which is really handy for Foyles and all the bookshops on Charring Cross Road. In my spare time – when I’m not changing nappies – I’m either reading, watching movies or working hard on children’s books and adventure stories.

My stories introduce young readers to real subjects, whether it’s uses for grapes, how to make pasta or how bees find pollen. In Cardsharp, Vincent Ward explores the murky art underworld in an adventure that exploes the life and paintings of Caravaggio, while he battles a gang of international thieves and smugglers. My aim is to inspire young readers learn more about Caravaggio and art – maybe even go to the National Gallery and see a couple of his paintings. The Find Out More page on this site offers a few places to get started.

This site is a new venture for me, and is designed to showcase my books and give agents and publishers a flavour of the type of author I would like to be.

if you’d like to email me.

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  1. James Hanley says:

    Just found this site through Google. Cheers for the free chapters!

  2. admin says:

    That would be telling, Mark.
    Thanks for all the positive comments, keep them coming.

    You can now get 20% at if you visit the bookshop and click on Paperback.

    Thanks for reading,

  3. Mark Ottley says:

    Thanks for the book, I love Cardsharp. Will Vincent and Jennifer get together?

  4. Theo Tenore says:

    Cardsharp is cool. Even my mum read it after I’d finished it.

  5. Sarah Herzig says:

    Cardsharp is a brillliant book. I recommend it to anyone. I didn’t put it down. Five stars!
    Sarah H.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. Send a link of the site to your friends.
      Thanks for reading,

  6. Nigel Daughtry says:

    CARDSHARP IS EXCELLENT!! POW BOOKS ROCKS! Vincent is great hero and the action doesn’t stop. Tremendous. Top notch, nice one POW.

  7. Jane Pitts says:

    Thanks for sharing the first chapters of Cardsharp. Keep me up to date with book two please, I’m loving the story so far…

  8. Vikki Kepple says:

    Hi POW, I love the way the story starts. It’s so exciting!! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive. I’ve read it six times already. Love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Vikki x

  9. JJParker888 says:

    WOW POW What can I say? Cardsharp is fantastic. The best book I’ve read in ages. When can I get the next one?

  10. Hazel Woods99 says:

    Magnificent book, man. POW BOOKS is just too excellent. I really like the cover – it drew me in and I never thought the cover would live up to it, but it’s amazing. You make art so entertaining, it’s brilliant. I can’t wait to read much more from you. Wonderful stuff.

  11. Nancy.R says:

    Thanks for sharing Cardsharp!
    Tell me, do Vincent and Jennifer get together?
    I hope so.
    Nancy xx

    • admin says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Do Vincent and Jennifer get together? Well you’ll just have to wait for that. But wouldn’t it be a bit odd if they did, now Jennifer is Vincent’s boss?

      Look out for Double Dealer sometime next year.

      Thanks for reading,

  12. MichaelK54 says:

    Hey POW,

    A friend of mine found you on Facebook. We read the first chapters and clubbed together and buy a copy.

    We can’t wait for it to arrive, but we’re expecting a lot…

    Don’t let us down!!


    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,

      Don’t worry, it won’t let you down. I hope it arrives soon,

      Thanks for reading,

  13. Shula Jamens says:

    Hi POW.

    I honestly loved Cardsharp. It’s the best book I’ve read in ages.

    You totally nailed Vincent’s emotions at the start.

    You Rock!

  14. EdSmith99 says:

    Cardsharp is fantastic!!!
    Are you writing another book? Please, please, please turn this into a series.